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That's up from 162 in 2018, 140 in 2017, 9 in 2016, and 5 in 2015. Movies that I saw outside of theaters, not included in the list: The King - 8/10 - Netflix Paddleton - 8/10 - Netflix El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story - 8/10 - Netflix High Flying Bird. It hits all the notes you'd expect a movie like this to hit. Deeply-personal story between a mother daughter. Ramen Shop - 4/10 The Good Liar - 4/10 - The most convoluted, needlessly-complicated plot of the year. Yesterday - 7/10 Greta - 7/10 - It's a cheesy, predictable, non-scary horror film but I liked. Happy Death Day 2U - 3/10 - The Sun Is Also A Star - 3/10 - It's filmed like a generic music video and has the emotional depth of a puddle.

It's all about the unbreakable connection you have to your parent(s from the day you're born until the day you die. Synonyms - 2/10 Black Christmas - 2/10 - Extremely cheesy dialogue, cop-out violence, boring/predictable jump scares, low production value (bad even for a low-end Blumhouse movie some of the worst one-liners you've ever heard, unrealistic/2D characters. The Irishman - 8/10, mickey and the Bear - 8/10. Also did I mention how ridiculous that twist is? This year I went to see 192 different movies in theaters, plus one rewatch.

I'm a big fan of Olivier Assayas and this is some of his best work. It's so beautiful and perfectly captures the feel of the movie. I could watch 10 hours of Tom Waits talking to himself. Blinded by the Light - 5/10 The Best of Enemies - 5/10 The Aeronauts - 5/10 - This is mis-marketed as an intense survival story but it's really just a boring biopic with too many flashbacks. Freaks - 4/10 - This movie would fit well in the "Good Idea But Bad Execution" subreddit. There were 26 double-headers this year (two movies in theaters during the same day, usually back-to-back). Didn't land for me at all, kind of like Boy Erased last year. Uncut Gems - 9/10, this movie wasn't on the Best Original Score shortlist for the 2020 Oscars. 47 Meters Down Uncaged - 1/10 Shaft - 1/10 - Crude, unfunny, soulless, grating, pointless.


Angel Has Fallen - 5/10 Gemini Man - 5/10 Late Night - 5/10 Black and Blue - 5/10 Diane - 5/10 - This was just depression-porn. Beautifully-filmed, some of the best shots of the year (the ending shot gets seared in your mind). Bombshell - 7/10 Honey Boy - 7/10 - Pretty big letdown because I had really high expectations for this one. Judy - 7/10 - It's the definition of Oscar bait and is emotionally manipulative, especially towards the end, but it does a great job at humanizing a Hollywood legend. Even though it's clearly Clint Eastwood's personal crusade (and thinly-veiled propaganda piece in some regards) against the FBI the Spooky Media, it still told the story effectively/semi-believably.

No memorable scenes, no good lines of dialogue, no originality in any way. It takes a huge risk structurally that pays off. It also wins this year's "Most Nudity" award, easily beating the rest of the field. Jessie Buckley is gonna be big. There's a beautiful, emotional story in here somewhere, but it's too muddled with ineffective editing tricks and too many side-stories. On The Basis Of Sex - 6/10 Stockholm - 6/10 Give Me Liberty - 6/10 - This is an example of a movie that has its heart in the right place but bites off a lot more than it can chew. I usually go 3 or 4 times per week, mostly on weekends. Another really good legal/political-thriller that exposes the dark side of government bureaucracy. It only takes place over the course of a few months, but feels like lifetimes. It's Apocalypse Now meets Lord of the Flies, with some Beasts of No Nation thrown.

Jexi - 1/10 - This year's worst movie. The tight, claustrophobic, haze-filled shots in the first 2 acts really threw me off. Last Black Man In San Francisco - 9/10. Probably the best editing (and use of sound) I've ever seen/heard in a documentary. Camila Morrone puts in the best breakout performance of the year. Bad CGI and a boring villain. One of my few revised scores this year. Got a lot out of its cast. It's The Meg of 2019. This movie was the closest I got to falling asleep in my seat this year.

Old school film with a modern twist. Mister America - 6/10 Crawl - 6/10 Trial By Fire - 6/10 - Great performances by Laura Dern Jack O'Connell get overshadowed by an overly-preacy script. There's a million adjectives I could use to describe this reboot, and none of them are positive. Donnybrook - 3/10 The Photograph - 3/10 - Zzzzzzzzzz. These women have requested that we do not let men under age 24 contact them because of past immature behavior.

Charlie's Angels - 3/10 Hellboy - 3/10 - This movie is like that annoying kid in middle school that tries way to hard to be edgy. The fact that I paid money to see this is something I will never live down. It's eye-opening and should fill you with anger. The line delivery was off-putting but hilarious. It was just so mean-spirited, from start to finish. Every problem you have is going to seem minuscule compared to what this family went through. The Two Popes - 6/10 - Two solid performances but underwhelming overall, too many cheap-looking flashback scenes, not enough Pryce/Hopkins.

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Fall of the American Empire - 5/10 Family - 5/10 The Goldfinch - 5/10 - It turns out an unfilmable novel really is unfilmbable, who would've thought? Just a genuinely fun time at the movies. Yes, it was bad. Really disappointed this didn't make the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. Us - 8/10 Villains - 8/10 Ford escort stoccolma lättast att bli gravid v Ferrari - 8/10 Midsommar - 8/10 Jojo Rabbit - 8/10 Official Secrets - 8/10 - Keira Knightley with one of the most underrated performances of the year. Felt gross and took a lot of the magic out. Everybody Knows - 8/10 Mary Magdalene - 8/10 Knives Out - 8/10 - Well-crafted whoddunit with an ensemble cast.

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It was good, not great. Ready Or Not - 6/10 Anna - 6/10 - It's basically Red Sparrow but slightly worse. By the Grace of God - 5/10 - Based on the critical acclaim, director, and subject matter, I walked in expected to be blown away. Going to try to break 200 in 2020. 9 at major chains, and 4 at indie theaters. But nah, this was a shallow, surface-level (like my reviews pointless dull knife of a biopic. Transit - 9/10, ad Astra - 9/10, top-notch acting, great atmosphere, world-building, existentialism, beautiful VFX, engaging score. Total waste of Anne Hathaway.

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Alita: Battle Angel - 6/10 Loro - 6/10 - One of the more disappointing movies of the year. Abominable reddit fnask fetisch nära göteborg - 8/10 The Current War - 7/10 Artic - 7/10 - Well made, solidly-acted. Sign me the fuck. Basically expected Spotlight, but this movie completely derails at the halfway point. So over-the-top and hilarious.